Born in Augsburg, Germany.

  • Studies art didactics at the University of Augsburg
  •  Studies trompe l’oeil and mural painting in Paris at the IPEDEC – Diploma as Peintre Décorative
  • Studies at the „Freien Akademie München“ for Art, Culture, Education and Therapy.  

As a result of my studies in Paris, I created many murals as commissioned works:  illusion paintings and completely non-representational colour surfaces.
Painting on large walls led me more and more to pure, formless colouring and the effect of colour itself, which became particularly intense for me when working on very large surfaces. 

I became increasingly interested in the effects of colour on us humans and the possible healing aspects of art. 

This ultimately led me to study at the Freie Akademie in Munich, where I immersed myself in the psychological background to artistic creation, which had a significant influence on my own art and led to me utilising the therapeutic effect of artistic activity in my work as an art therapist and art teacher after completing my studies. 

In addition to my work as an artist, from then on I worked with children and adults both artistically and as an art therapist in my studio and for 10 years in the paediatric oncology department at Augsburg University Hospital. 

  • In 2017, I initiated my first major solo exhibition as a benefit exhibition for children with cancer at the Kulturpark West Augsburg. 
  • 2018 and 2019 Artistic exploration of man and nature. Organiser and curator of the festival ARTLAND – an artistic environmental project.


The park became a total work of art with the participation of other artists from various fields – consisting of objects, land art, installation, painting, sound and music, performance and poetry, as well as workshops – a space to experience that we are part of nature, indeed, nature itself and not separate from it – and can therefore never harm it without also harming ourselves.  

Can be seen on Facebook at Artland was supported by the Augsburg Cultural Office. 

Due to the pandemic, the planned continuation of ARTLAND as an exhibition and art festival was no longer possible. 

I created a number of works in my studio during the coronavirus pandemic. 

  • In 2020, I took part in the outdoor group exhibition in Augsburg’s old town, the „Kunstspaziergang“, during the pandemic. 
  • In 2022, together with the artist Sascha Kempter, I was awarded 1st prize in the artistic ideas competition for a coronavirus memorial for the city of Augsburg, which we realised in Wittelsbacher Park Augsburg:

For me, art is a way of intensively engaging with the inner and outer world, which finds non-verbal expression in my painting. It is „another form of thinking“ (G. Richter), which always helps me to gain new insights and shows me new paths. It is movement, initiates development – a constant process of transformation.